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Photoblog_3rd transnational meeting_Budapest

3rd Transnational meeting (KA2)

Education, Profession and European Citizenship

ID number 2016-1-EL01-KA219-023428

 16-19th April 2018. , Budapest, Hungary

Official meeting in BGSZC Eötvös Loránd Secondary Grammar School.

Opening speech delivered by dr. Horváth Béla, director of the Budapest centre of Engineering

Presentation were held on CLIL and the Value of Education by each EPEC team.

 CLIL in Greece

CLIL in Greece

CLIL in Romania

CLIL in Hungary

CLIL in Slovakia

CLIL in Poland

  Cutlural trips were also included: visiting Zwack Unicum factory and learning about the production of the Hungarian national drink:

How to make UNICUM

EPEC team in Budapest-Zwack Unicum

Inside the museum_Zwack Unicum

History of the production of unicum

Listening to te guide_Zwack Unicum

How to make it?

I see...

 Visiting the Parlament was also part of the programme

The House of Parlament

Inside the Parlament

In the House of Hungarikums our guests could see many of our inventions.

Rubik Cube

Biro pen

The closing ceremony of the project was organised on a ship. 


Our ship called Hunnia

The participants were received the certificates, some souvenirs form Hungary and we said goodbye to each other.

The Greek team

The Romanian team

The Slovakian team

The Polish team


EPEC cake

EPEC cake

 The view from ship was amazing!

The House of Parlament

Buda Castle

Buda by night

The city by night

Liberty Bridge

Hotel Gellért


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